sks316's... Sandwich?

Welcome to the personal website of sks316. If you're here, you're obviously lost.
I'm just a random person wasting time on the internet. Please do not be like me.

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About sks316

Hello there. My name is Ciel. You may also know me as sks316.
I'm a 16-year old trans girl and brony who enjoys video games and memes.
I was an administrator on the RiiConnect24 Discord server, and I take great interest in all things technology. I run Same Mewtwo on Twitter and am part of Suspended on Quidd, a small group of people banned from the digital collecting app Quidd.
I also own and maintain Channel DDD, a YouTube channel dedicated to archiving and preserving the legacy of the television series Kirby: Right Back at Ya.
I'm not entirely sure why I created this website. All I know is that it contains info about me and links to things I've made, some of which are actually useful.
Who knows, perhaps you'll find some use in them too.
...or maybe not. I guess we'll see.

Useful things?

I've done a few things that might be useful.
Here are some of those things:

Nintendo 3DS CFW System Transfer Tutorial @ GBAtemp

Nintendo 3DS Custom Themes Tutorial @ GBAtemp

sks316's custom 3DS themes @ Theme Plaza

sks316's Presences @ PreMiD

Styles by sks316 @ Userstyles

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