No longer maintained

This website is no longer maintained, and has been deprecated in favor of my Carrd site at

This is due to a combination of factors. For one, this site is rather tedious to update, as I have to edit the HTML directly. This site also never adapted well to mobile devices, which would have taken a lot of effort to implement, more effort than it was truly worth. The site itself also technically isn't even mine - I actually completely ripped the website design from someone else and just modified it to give it a dark theme. In all honesty, I never even really liked the way this site looks to begin with. I also just kinda stopped editing it because it was so much work, and eventually all the information here became really outdated and reflected someone I mostly wasn't anymore. In short, this site is bad and outdated. I've made a new site using Carrd, and I advise you to look there if you're looking for my links or info about me, as I'm actually updating that and it adapts to mobile devices. My new site is linked below for your convenience, just push the button and you'll be taken there.

The old site is still up, but will no longer be updated and should only be used for archival and historical purposes. All up-to-date information is on my Carrd site, linked above. If you still want to see the old site, it's linked below.